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Apple’s 6-month total of 44w+ downgrades, up 45% from the previous year! All types of App shelving rate is basically the same!

The battle for users in the mobile app market has become extremely fierce, and with the Apple App Store as the main battleground for App competition, we have witnessed the rise of a number of breakout apps, as well as a large number of tragedies that have been wiped out due to unfavorable operations or violations of Apple policies.


Table of Content


What has happened to the App Store in the past six months? Seven Wheat Data has launched the “App Store Big Data Roundup in the First Half of 2019” to explain Apple’s trends in detail. (Note: All data below are for China)

Overall Overview

From January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019, a total of 197510 products were added to the App Store and 449033 products were removed from the App Store.

Compared with the same period last year, the number of new products decreased by 5.39%; on the contrary, the number of removed products increased by 45.58%.

In terms of product categories, games and business apps are the two categories with the largest number of new and removed products. Games took the top 1 of the new App category with 23,357, followed by Business, Tools, Life, Education and Shopping App, which are the top 6 of the new App category in the first half of 2019.

Education and Shopping App

Among the shelved products, game App is the hardest hit, with more than 7w products shelved in the past six months, the number far exceeds other types of products; followed by business, life and education products, the number of which are all above 4w; the number of tools and entertainment App has decreased compared with the previous categories, which together form the top 6 of shelved App categories.

By retrieving the total number of these 6 types of App in the App Store, we found that Entertainment App has the highest shelf rate of 31.95%, followed by Game App with 30.3%; Life App has the same shelf rate as Game, while Business, Tools and Education have a shelf rate of about 26%. It seems that Apple treats all types of App in the App Store equally, and does not deliberately target certain types of products.

App Store Review Cycle: Continued Low

In the first half of 2019, the average review time of App Store was 27.98h, and the average review time on weekdays was 24.95h. In February, due to Apple’s holiday and other factors, the review time was significantly longer than other months.

Since March, the review time of App Store has been decreasing month by month, and the average review time has been as low as 19.63h in June this year, and the average review time on working days is only 17.65h.

Rejected Terms Top6: Clause 2.3 has the highest number, over 30%


In the past six months, the most rejected reason for App Store is clause 2.3 (accurate metadata), accounting for 37.84%, followed by clause 2.1 (App completion), which is also the second most rejected reason, accounting for 27.42%.

This is followed by clauses 3.1.1 (in-app purchases), 2.5 (software requirements), 5.1.1 (data collection and storage), and 4.3 (duplicate apps).

Since Apple’s review guidelines were updated in early June, developers need to pay more attention to the relevant information and pay extra attention to clause 2.3 before submitting the app to ensure the correctness of the app description, screenshots and previews, etc. to prevent rejection.

Reviewed Titles: Concentrated within 5 characters, “Platform” is the most frequent word

Through the statistics of the app titles reviewed in the past six months, we found that the main titles are mostly concentrated in the range of 1-5 characters; while the subtitles are relatively long, with the number of characters concentrated between 6-10.

The keyword that appears more often in the App name is “Platform”, which is 7,656 times in total, accounting for 12.25% of the total number of 2-character keywords. Next, the keywords “game”, “management” and “wisdom” also appear more frequently in the App name.

Keyword optimization rate: rising month by month

The overall average achievement rate in the first six months of 2019 was 92.44%. The highest monthly average was 94.29% in May; the lowest was in January, but the achievement rate remained above 90%, showing a steady increase in the first five months and a slight drop in June.

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