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Travel apps remain high in popularity

Whenever it comes to the end of the holiday, such news can always be heard in some airports. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the total number of domestic tourist arrivals during the four days of the 2019 May Day holiday was 195 million, an increase compared to last year.

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According to the data of Seven Wheat, the search index of the keyword “tourism” has also been high. Especially near the beginning of the festival, the search index will show a rising situation. For example, from April 28 to May 5, the search index of the keyword “travel” has been in a rising state. Although the search index fell from the 6th, the overall situation was good.

The search index has remained high. To a certain extent, it also proves that users are not only concerned about travel products when holidays are coming. They are also very concerned about these products at work and leisure time. And from the perspective of product conversion, if developers make good use of this mentality of users, they can actually increase the number of product downloads.

The new product speed is fast, and the outbreak will come in 2015

Recently, Seven Wheat Data retrieved the top 200 data of the App Store travel free list for analysis. In the process of this data analysis, Seven Wheat found that travel products ushered in an explosive period in 2015, with more than 30 new travel products hitting the App Store in both 2015 and 2016.

Although the speed of new products declined in 2017 and 2018, the overall number is also quite large, and judging from the 7 new travel products on the App Store in Q1 2019, likely, the number of new travel products on the App Store this year will increase compared with the previous two years.

Transportation App accounts for a larger share, and the comprehensive category is still popular

Among the top 20 travel apps, DDT, Ctrip and Mobike ranked first, second and third in the order. Most of the positions in the list are occupied by traffic and comprehensive products respectively, with 12 traffic products, accounting for 60%, such as Railway 12306, Tik-Tok Travel. Comprehensive apps account for 35%, such as Ctrip and Flying Pig Travel. Only Airbnb Audemars Piguet is the only one accommodation product.

Transportation products will occupy so many positions in the travel free list, in fact, not only because during travel, transportation is one of the factors that users care about, but also because transportation products have been integrated into the lives of users, such as the first ranking of DDT travel, when you need to take a taxi to and from work, you can use, DDT travel also topped the list because the number of downloads exceeded 7786w.

Although the integrated category of products compared to transportation accounted for less, but in the minds of many users, download a set of traffic and travel, travel tips, attractions, tickets and other functions as one integrated category of products, then repeatedly download a dedicated single product to be much simpler. And these integrated products whenever such holidays come, will also launch a variety of preferential activities, or directly send coupons, or to achieve points management and so on, these incentive activities are also very popular among users.

Scenic Area App is mushrooming as the sub-sector is hot

With the increasing demand from users, the segmentation of travel products has started to heat up. At present, the tourism products in the App Store mainly involve four modules: comprehensive services, transportation, hotel and accommodation, and others. In these four modules, developers are constantly subdividing the product features and settings, thus generating many new travel products.

For example, in the category of transportation, products are specializing in selling air tickets, train tickets, subway tickets, bus tickets and buses, among which the developers of travel aeroplane products are mostly airlines. The airlines have developed products specifically for their own aviation information, which will be more convenient in terms of product design and improvement and will also be able to facilitate passengers to check their flight information and gain the trust of users.

As the domestic tourism industry becomes more and more developed, more and more tourism products are developed for a certain region or a certain attraction. For example, the Palace Museum App, which was launched in 2017, is a cell phone intelligent electronic tour guide product specifically for Forbidden City sightseeing, the product will use a GPS positioning system, but when the user ends up in a certain place in the Forbidden City, it will start to explain the history and tales of the place and so on.

This kind of product with a single performance, especially the scenic App, the product is mostly set up according to the geographical location of the scenic area, embedded in the culture of the scenic area, and occasionally add some activities. When the change of scenic spots is generally relatively small, so the maintenance cost of the product is also low. However, this type of product, generally only during the holiday period, will increase user download data.

More positive product reviews, platform information synchronization needs attention

Among the 200 products with positive reviews, Seven Wheat selected 14 hotel accommodation products for analysis. Among these 14 products, only two products, Airbnb and Piglet, have been recommended by Apple App Store in the past year. The recommended time for these two products is also mostly around various holidays.

From 2019 to now (May 15), Airbnb Audemars Piggy has been selected for App Store boutique recommendation 5 times, and the download volume of the product is also in a rising state when Airbnb Audemars Piggy enters Apple’s recommendation display page. In fact, to a certain extent, Apple recommendation can not only increase the exposure of the product but also increase users’ curiosity and favorability to the product, which can be converted into product downloads.

From the data, the overall situation of travel products is good, with 66.67% of travel products receiving five-star reviews from users, but there are also 4.88% of products receiving complaints from users. In addition to the problems of the cumbersome operation processes and big data killing in the process of using the products, the lack of synchronization of information between platforms is also a big problem.

Travel accommodation app

A user booked a room on a travel accommodation app on the eve of the May Day holiday, but when the user was ready to check in with his children, he was told by the hotel that there was no information about the user’s order.

Finally, after the hotel staff’s inquiry, the user learned that the hotel had not cooperated with this travel accommodation platform for a long time, but the platform did not clear all the information of the hotel, which caused the user did pay for the room, but the hotel did not have the order information. The user eventually had to ask for the help of the local police, because housing is also very tight everywhere during May Day.

The timely synchronization of information is not only responsible for platform management, but also for better service to users and leaving a good impression on them, and platforms that do not clear redundant and outdated information in time like this are also easy to lose users and cause damage to their own brands.

At the same time, the seven wheat is also reflected here in the third-party platform booking accommodation and other services users, when in the platform after applying for booking services, it is best to call again to confirm with the business, so as not to let their own trip was disrupted.


The product area can be further subdivided. Although in the current travel products, comprehensive and transportation products are more popular, in the market to write a user preference for a single performance of the product, and developers only need to design products according to the preferences of this type of users, it will also be rewarding.

According to the “local” appropriate, offline-online linkage. Such as airlines, tourist attractions and other platforms, with offline entities operating lines, you can develop online products for their own services, to achieve online and offline linkage. In addition, online products can also be for their own platform content, joint some offline areas to launch the corresponding activities to expand the user new channels.

Use the Apple self-promotion function on the eve of major holidays. It is suggested that developers should lay out product-related activities two weeks in advance when major holidays come, such as improving product features and updating versions, developing some preferential activities, etc., and then propose the product self-referral function to Apple. If the product is fortunate enough to be paid attention to by Apple’s editor and selected for Apple App Store recommendation, it is also a good opportunity to promote new products and live.

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buy app downloads and reviews

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