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TOP Tips for ASO Optimization. Competition in the games and apps market is growing and gaining momentum: millions of apps and mobile games complicate the process. So how do you succeed?


Table of Content


If you want to increase the number of downloads of your application and reach as many users as possible, you need to develop an optimal ASO strategy and correctly implement it.

After all, ASO optimization of the application page in the market will give you a tangible advantage: if the name and description of the application contain relevant key queries, this will significantly increase its visibility for users. More people will be able to find your application and, therefore, the number of free installations will increase. This way, you can reduce your user attraction costs. Sounds good, doesn’t it?



1. Relevance.

Metadata is the main field for working with relevant key queries. Try to cover as many keywords as possible by embedding them in the description, title, and other indexed fields. Well-filled metadata is an important step when launching your application or game, as well as optimizing it.

Use auto-suggestions, research competitors, look for search queries in descriptions of similar apps and user reviews.

You will find step-by-step instructions for collecting keywords in this article.


2. Placement of keywords.

As mentioned above, for the fullest possible coverage of the entire range of relevant key queries, it is necessary to fill in the title, subtitle, and description fields of the application with high quality and embed a sufficient number of keywords. For a more detailed introduction to the process of optimizing an app page in Google Play and App Store, click here.

Also, ASO Creator in professional analytics of ASOMobile mobile applications will help you to simplify the optimization process as much as possible. Using this tool, you can check the correctness of filling in the metadata with the necessary keys and avoid typical ASO optimization mistakes. You can read about errors here.


3. Make the most of your ad text (iOS only).

The keywords that are contained in the description of the application are not indexed in the App Store, but a successful, “selling” text can lead to an increase in conversion by up to 30%. Use short phrases and words that the user understands – after all, the decision to download is a matter of a few seconds.
Marketing works here too: calls to action and advertising slogans, because user attention is the main goal. In addition, search engines will index your application in search, and users will be able to find you on Google or Yandex, which can be an additional source of traffic.


4. Description (Google Play).

Description optimization is a powerful tool for the Google Play market. Your focus should be on using as many relevant queries as possible, especially in the form of direct occurrence. But do not forget that the text should still be readable and understandable to the user, the more naturally words are included in the text, the better.

Avoid basic mistakes:

  • Keyword stuffing. We recommend that you do not use keywords for more than 1 time per 250 characters.
  • Very general or big keywords. Use the most relevant keywords, do not spray your metadata on words that are not directly related to your application.
  • Few combinations. Increase the number of combinations of low-frequency keywords, instead of trying to get highly competitive traffic.

Don’t forget to check your text in the free Text Analyzer tool. There you can check the description text for all the parameters of high-quality SEO: the number of characters, the density of key queries, detect keyword stuffing, and tips on how to eliminate it (this is especially important for Google Play apps and games). In addition, you can see keywords with traffic in any text (for example, you can analyze the texts of competitors) – this is another life hack for finding keywords. More details here.


5. Localization of your application.

The App Store offers you a great opportunity to extend metadata through localization, and you can adapt your app to fit any market. Some countries may have several contiguous locales, for example, for the US market, not only the English locale is indexed, but also Mexico with Spanish. Thus, the field for keywords is doubled. You can learn more about this here.


6. Visual optimization of the application.

Screenshots and an icon are an important part of ASO optimization, as visual elements are of great importance for increasing conversions. Your app icon should be bright and memorable, evoke clear associations with the product content and be meaningful.

Screenshots. Calls to action and short captions highlight the value of your app, which can increase conversions by up to 40%.

How to understand how good your application visualization is and how it looks against competitors? Compare all visuals with leading market players using the Visual Comparison tool.


7. Take care of reviews and ratings

The rating that is assigned to an application has a great impact on the search results: sometimes even the decision to download your application will be based on the rating. Working with reviews, developers’ responses can easily correct a negative consumer impression for a positive review – which will lead to an increase in conversion.

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