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Stamping work must be standardized

Stamping work must be standardized
  • 1. The raw materials must conform to the specified technical conditions, strictly check the specifications and grades of the raw materials, and conduct laboratory inspections on the workpieces with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements under conditions.
  • 2. Make sure that the mold cavity is clean during the stamping company work process, and the orderly processed workpieces in the workplace should be placed neatly.
  • 3. A strict inspection system has been established during the production process. The metal stamping parts must first be fully inspected, and then can be put into production after passing the inspection. At the same time, the inspection should be strengthened, and the accident should be dealt with in time.
  • 4. All links stipulated in the processing procedures of blanking and punching parts should be fully and strictly abided by.
  • 5. The press and die and other tooling equipment used should be guaranteed to work under normal working conditions.
  • 6. Adhere to a civilized production system, such as the transfer of workpieces and blanks, must use appropriate workstations, otherwise the surface of the workpiece will be crushed and scratched and the surface quality of the workpiece will be affected.

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