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How to Create Mobile Action Intelligence Tool that Passed 20 Million

How to Create Mobile Action Intelligence Tool that Passed 20 Million

We are delighted to announce that MobileAction has presently exceeded 20 million creatives available in our Ad Intelligence database.

Table of Content

MobileAction tracks over 78k+ Ad Publishers and 151k+ App Advertisers on our platform and are constantly growing. We also offer a leading solution for app store optimization (ASO) and app marketing intelligence. This means that we come out with daily precise and actionable data to help boost your app’s visibility. You can also use our analyses of the marketplace, to help you make the most informed choices about your app strategy and investment plans.

Why 20 Million Creatives Matters to You:

What does data mean to MobileAction? Data is the heart of our company and the core of our work. Data allows us to aid our partners in excelling at their goals and thriving in the app market. In this competitive world of in-app ad intelligence and solutions. We offer the most accurate data allowing you to bolster your app growth and thrive with the best app marketing strategies.

We provide publishers and developers with precise data via our all-in-one platform. This allows you to surpass your competitors and refine your user acquisition strategies. 20 million ad creatives made by the best designers are at your fingertips. You can see what top apps are producing in terms of in-ad campaigns at the click of a button. From videos to images to playable ads and more, you can view them all on our Campaign Analysis tool. Search by publisher or app to see all their creative content both active and overall. You can also find their ad networks, publisher count, overall advertising ranking, and so much more.

20 Million Creatives

Easily uncover which apps host different styles of ads. Additionally, see what networks they chose to run their ads on in order to help you structure your own campaign. Filter the data by networks and country or break it down into smaller time chunks. Build a UA strategy that will blow your competitors out of the water. Examine the metrics from 20 million+ creatives, and let the triumphs and failures of other apps pave the road for your growth.

Apps’ recommended

This fifth way to find your competitors is by scrolling down in the App Intelligence tool until you reach the “similar apps” list. This method can be good if you are already in the app intelligence tool and you want to see which apps are recommended as similar. However, this is one will require slightly more time as you much copy and paste the name of the app into the search bar so that you can investigate if they are similar enough to your app before adding them to your competitor list. It can be a very useful way to find similar apps different from the other methods.

You can choose the ones that seem like they will have relevance to your app and then look them up to see if your guess was correct. If they are a good match you can add them to your list.

app promotion service

app promotion service

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