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App Store Optimization Strategy – How to design a growth-focused app

App Store Optimization Strategy – How to design a growth-focused app

When designing a growth-focused mobile app, there are a lot of things to bear in mind. Of course, building an app takes a considerable amount of time and money, therefore building it to the very best standard with thorough planning and testing from the onset is crucial to success. 
The design process is one of the vital stages of implementing successful features that will make your users want to share your newest app with their friends.

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How to design a growth-focused app?

However, creating an app that sustains growth can be a challenge, after all, there are around 6 million apps available to download on the Apple store and Google Play.

So, how do you go about making your mobile app popular?

Identify a niche

When building a growth-focused app, one of the first components to consider is how your app will benefit its users. Identifying a niche within the app market will help you to position your app in a way that helps to increase its popularity because it offers something unique to users.

When you think of all the apps on your phone that you use regularly- whether it’s TikTok or MyFitnessPal, they all serve individual purposes and meet different needs for their users. 
Identifying a niche can be as simple as figuring out what your target audience is missing in their daily lives to finding the gap in something your competitors are missing.

Likewise, if you have already created an app but are finding it challenging to increase its growth, identify what your unique selling point is and build upon that with your marketing and planning.

Make it user-friendly

Another key factor to consider within a growth-focused mobile app strategy is user-friendliness. When designing a growth-focused app, remember that users will expect it to function and flow correctly. When you prioritise user-friendliness, you allow for the app to be designed around the user. The user becomes central to the design process and therefore the overall experience improves.
The better experience your users have initially, the more likely they are to recommend your app to others, and hence your app will naturally start to grow in popularity.

App promotion

Ensure that your users have the means of finding your app. While a well-designed, user-friendly platform is a great starting point in your app-growth journey, with competition so fierce in the app world it’s crucial to implement a marketing strategy to allow for your app to be visible to your target audience.

From social media promotions and influencer marketing through to pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation, the digital world has presented many ways for businesses to reach potential customers. Take time to research which platforms your audience most interact with and form a marketing strategy around this information.

Track user-acquisitions

How are your users currently finding your app, or how do you plan for them to find it when it is launched? Without tracking your mobile app user acquisition it’s difficult to create a strategy focused around app growth.

This is where tracking user-acquisitions comes in. Investing time and money into user-acquisition processes is a great way to ensure that your app is visible to potential users.

Assessing exactly where your app is gaining the best visibility is a great way of increasing your app growth because you can invest more money into a strategy that works best for you. There are lots of different user acquisition methods from paid advertising to ASO.

Focus on integrating the most appropriate marketing channels for reaching your target audience through targeting, re-targeting and building a promotion strategy that helps to get your app out to the world.

Finally, learn how to retain users

Although attempting to launch an app perfect first time is everyone’s dream, there are likely to be some glitches along the path to success. Testing your app is the best way of ensuring that your app succeeds because it allows you to identify any issues and resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are your users dropping off after their free trial ends? Are they finding that the app doesn’t match their requirements? 
There can be many reasons why an app might lose users, and if you are seeking to develop a growth-focused app, user retention is key. Learn how to track your app downloads, analyse where and why users are dropping off to improve on your app growth.

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