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Three anti-corrosion treatment processes on the surface of aluminum profiles

Three anti-corrosion treatment processes on the surface of aluminum profiles

In the production process of the aluminum profile frame, in addition to welding the various interface parts, it is also necessary to do anti-corrosion treatment to the entire material, so as to effectively prolong the use time of the entire frame and delay subsequent material corrosion. , rust speed. What are the specific processes for the surface anti-corrosion treatment of aluminum cnc machining profiles?

coating process

This type of process is to select a certain material to form a protective layer on the surface of the aluminum profile with the help of a special process, also known as surface coating or coating. The application of this type of technology can not only protect the aluminum profile frame, but also decorate the aluminum profile frame.

Chemical conversion anti-corrosion treatment

The aluminum profile is placed in the chemical conversion treatment solution to allow it to chemically react with the substances inside the solution. Compared with the general voltage-based chemical film conversion process, the application of this method is more direct and simple, effectively improving the entire anti-corrosion process. Efficiency of the treatment process.

Electroplating anti-corrosion treatment technology

The surface of the aluminum profile frame is electroplated, that is, a metal material with relatively corrosion resistance and high hardness is electroplated on the surface to improve the performance of the aluminum profile itself. In practical applications, the electroplating treatment of aluminum profiles is mostly used for decoration purposes. It should be noted that when the surface of the aluminum profile is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment by the electroplating process, an oxide film will be formed when the aluminum profile is exposed to the air for a short period of time, so the effect of electroplating is easily affected. Therefore, when using the electroplating process to treat the surface of the aluminum profile, it is very important to do a good job of cleaning and processing the material before electroplating.

The quality of the aluminum profile frame is not only related to the type of aluminum profile selected, but whether the connection ports of each frame part are firm in the whole production process, and whether the overall frame anti-corrosion work is in place, etc., will affect the use of the frame. It can be seen that in the process of aluminum profile frame processing, all process problems in the processing process must be in place to better ensure the quality of the produced frame.

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