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MobileAction Partners with Venture Capital’s

While most hyper-casual mobile games prefer the Video format for their advertisements, casino apps are different. They have a higher percentage of HTML ads.

Total averages of ad types App Store Vs Google Play Store

The google play store favours images a little more than the app store, but generally, the ratios are quite similar.

Older target Market for Slot Casino Games

We can see from the creatives that slot games are targeting an older demographic.


Slotomania for example is a game from Playtika. It uses advertisements featuring actor John Goodman. He has acted in many films and is most famous for his role in Rosanne (1988–1997). This shows that the slot game is targeting a slightly older demographic that would have watched this show.

Cash Frenzy

With the Cash frenzy app, we can see the following.

The creatives from Cash Frenzy consist of a few templates. The first is bright, colorful, overstimulating images from the gameplay.

Creative from Cash Frenzy

These images are a good example. The images are colorful, with high contrast and high saturation. They are also a little dark. The game itself is also a little dark. Despite being extremely colorful and vibrant. This may be to encourage users to raise the brightness of their screens and have this be the flashiest most engaging thing in the room. This may also stop people from feeling sleepy.

The second type of creatives Cash Frenzy is using, are user experience type videos. These have scripted conversations between people or reenactments of people winning the jackpot on their app and getting excited.

Creative from Cash Frenzy

These show people talking about their wins and getting very excited about winning on the app. These are a bit misleading. They are screaming and jumping as if they have won a lot of money. Though they do not directly lie to their audience, they do imply winning money. These are targeted to more age groups. Most of the videos feature young women talking about the game or a couple interacting. They also show other “winners” at the end of the video, including more age categories.

Finally, there are testimonial style images. These are usually photos of this lady with this quotation.

This ad is targeting an older demographic.

Solitaire games

The card games focus mostly on the gameplay. They also play into the competitiveness of the player.

Additionally, however, they offer a “shuffle” option which is advertised and they talk about “payouts” in the ad which makes the player feel like they are having a gambling experience.

They also include those videos of real-life “wins”.

Interestingly they are the same videos as the Cash Frenzy app, just with Solitaire in the corner instead of Slots.

Creative from Cash Frenzy and Solitaire

Here we can see that they have used the same video of the same girl just superimposing a different screengrab at the bottom.

This may be because the publisher had so much success with the add-on one app they didn’t want to risk changing any variables trying to recreate it and just used the same clip.

This does however run the risk of seeming disingenuous to a viewer who has seen both ads as they will realize that the reaction was not specific to the game.

Infinity Slots

This game uses lots of themes to advertise their game. One will show the Mona Lisa, another will be a depiction of a Disney Princess reimagined to avoid copyright issues.

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