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3D printed resin living hinge structure, integrally formed and movable

3D printed resin living hinge structure, integrally formed and movable

As a new type of manufacturing method, 3D printing is very different from traditional processing methods. Because 3D printing is built up layer by layer, 3D printing can process some structures that cannot be processed by traditional methods. Among them, movable hinges can be processed. One type of structure is one, and I will introduce it to you below.

The traditional processing method for the movable hinge structure is to process and manufacture separately, and then install it, which has certain requirements on the processing accuracy of the product, and increases the difficulty of processing and increases the cost.

3D printing can integrally form the movable hinge structure without installation, as long as the model is designed as a whole when designing the model, and enough gaps are left in the movable hinge part.

The specific hinge movable spacing depends on the specific model structure. Generally, the spacing is 0.3 to 0.5mm. If the movable hinge can be looser, it can be kept larger.

The above is the analysis of 3D printing resin living hinge structure, integrated molding and movable hinge introduced by 3D printing service. I hope to provide you with a reference.

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