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Big Data’s Impact on MedTech Apps

Big Data’s Impact on MedTech Apps

Thinking about MedTech without contemplating the impact of Big Data is equivalent to losing many opportunities for your business and your app. Thanks to the vast amount of information that can be collected through various touchpoints in the MedTech ecosystem, ...

The 3 Key Ingredients For Breaking News Alerts

The 3 Key Ingredients For Breaking News Alerts

2021 has seen no shortage of breaking news. Whether it’s the global pandemic, the polarized political landscape or natural disasters, this year has delivered more newsworthy events than any year I can remember. In the midst of this most active ...

In addition to Search Ads, Apple may open more ad space

Apple updated its Management API earlier this month, adding “onlySources” and “adChannelType” fields to the API, which we guess is Apple’s first step to expand its advertising business. We guess this is the first step for Apple to expand its ...