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SKM100GB123D Semikron

SKM100GB123D Semikron
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SKM100GB123D Description

SKM100GB123D is outstanding power module by world renowned company Semikron and comes with AC inverters. It has very high efficiency with double diode interconnected with each other and provides extraordinary performance.

SKM100GB123D has very important features which include a very low tail current with low temperature dependence, hence proving how reliable it is to your inverters. It is very dependable as well! Set it to full power the entire day and it won’t even experience even the slightest system damage.

SKM100GB123D also has a very low power consumption and latch-up free. Timing for power switching is so perfect and soft that you can never feel any interruption during your working on sensitive equipments.


SKM100GB123D could be used in power switching applications

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