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RM100DZ-H Mitsubishi

RM100DZ-H Mitsubishi
#RM100DZ-H Mitsubishi RM100DZ-H New High Power General Use Insulated Type 800V/100A/-40 to +150℃ , RM100DZ-H pictures, RM100DZ-H price, #RM100DZ-H supplier


RM100DZ-H Description
AC motor controllers, DC motor controllers, Battery DC power supplies,
DC power supplies for control panels, and other general DC power equipment
Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM:400-800V
Non-repetitive peak reverse voltage VRSM :480-960V
Reverse DC voltage VR (DC):320-640V
RMS forward current IF (RMS):157A
Average forward current Single-phase, half-wave 180° conduction, TC=115°C IF (AV): 100A
Surge (non-repetitive) forward current One half chcle at 60Hz, peak value IFSM:2000A
Junction temperature Tj:-40~+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg:-40~+125°C
Typical value Weight:160g

High Power General Use Insulated Type 800V/100A/-40 to +150℃

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