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MHPM7A20A60A Motorola

MHPM7A20A60A Motorola
#MHPM7A20A60A Motorola MHPM7A20A60A New Moto IGBT, MHPM7A20A60A pictures, MHPM7A20A60A price, #MHPM7A20A60A supplier


Rating Symbol Value Unit
Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage (TJ = 125°C) VRRM 1200 V
Average Output Rectified Current IO 8.0 A
Peak Non-repetitive Surge Current (1/2 cycle )(1) IFSM 200 A
IGBT Reverse Voltage VCES 1200 V
Gate-Emitter Voltage VGES ± 20 V
Continuous IGBT Collector Current ICmax 8.0 A
Peak Repetitive IGBT Collector Current(2) IC(pk) 16 A
Continuous Free-Wheeling Diode Current IFmax 8.0 A
Peak Repetitive Free-Wheeling Diode Current(2) IF(pk) 16 A
IGBT Power Dissipation per die (TC = 95°C) PD 50 W
Free-Wheeling Diode Power Dissipation per die (TC = 95°C) PD 30 W
Junction Temperature Range TJ 40 to +125 °C
Short Circuit Duration (VCE = 600V, TJ = 25°C) tsc 10 ms


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