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MG75N2YS40 Toshiba

MG75N2YS40 Toshiba
#MG75N2YS40 Toshiba MG75N2YS40 New 75A/1000V/IGBT/2U, MG75N2YS40 pictures, MG75N2YS40 price, #MG75N2YS40 supplier


MG75N2YS40 Description

Made by Toshiba, this advanced transistor module has a very light weight and has the complete package that will eliminate most if not all problems of your application.

With a very low saturation and low power consumption, MG75N2YS40 can easily be installed in any kind of panel. No more worries about extreme temperatures! MG75N2YS40 can work perfectly both on very high (140ᵒ C) & very low (-40ᵒ C) temperature conditions.


MG75N2YS40  1.03 lbs


MG75N2YS40 could be used in (High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications)



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