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LQ121S1DG11 Sharp

LQ121S1DG11 Sharp
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Manufacturer Part Number: LQ121S1DG11
Part Life Cycle Code: Obsolete
Ihs Manufacturer: SHARP CORP
Manufacturer: Sharp Corp
Risk Rank: 5.82
Horizontal Pixel Count: 800 Pixel
Operating Temperature-Max: 50 °C
Overall Depth: 13.2 mm
Overall Height: 225 mm
Overall Length: 290 mm
Subcategory: Displays
Vertical Pixel Count: 600 Pixel
Viewing Area Height: 184 mm
Viewing Area Length: 246 mm LQ121S1DG11 inverter, LQ121S1DG11 power supply, LQ121S1DG11 Electronic board, LQ121S1DG11 VGA board, LQ121S1DG11 touchscreen available.

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