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#IAUX61H IDT IAUX61H New , IAUX61H pictures, IAUX61H price, #IAUX61H supplier


Panel Brand: IDT ech
Panel Model: IAUX61F
Panel Size: 19.6inch
Panel Type: a-Si TFT-LCD,LCM
Resolution: 1600(LCR)x1200,UXGA
Pixel Format: LCR Vertical Stripe
Display Area: 398.4(w)x298.8(H)mm
Outline Size: 427(W)x322.4(H)mm
Surface: Antiglare,Hard coating (3H)
Brightness: 1140 cd/m² (Typ)
Contrast Ratio:600:1(Typ.)(TM)
Viewing Angle:85/85/85/85(Typ.)(CR≥10)
Display Mode DD-IPS, Normally Black,Transmissive
Best View on:Symmetry
Response Time:20/20(Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Panel Weight:2.30/2.50kg(Typ./Max.)
Signal Intetface:LVDS(2ch,8-bit),40 pins,Connector
Input Voltage:12.0V(Typ.)
Environment:Operating Temp:0
~50℃;Storage Temp:-20~65


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