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How to make your app seliver the successful

The rapid delivery company Getir, based in Istanbul, Turkey, announced that they have raised 128 million dollars in a funding round according to Reuters. The app allows users to order anything they need from a variety of 1500+ groceries.

It is safe to say that the idea created a new market. Interest in the app has been overwhelming, resulting in an $850 million valuation in under 6 years. CEO Nazım Salur pointed at a possible international expansion after the funding rounds.

Now let’s take a quick look at the app’s data to see if we can gather any interesting insights.

Category Rankings for Getir

The app is listed in the Shopping category and it was already ranking high for a very long time. However, during the pandemic, the app raised its rankings in the overall category from around 80 to almost 3. It is likely that during lockdowns people chose to do their groceries online rather than going out.

The biggest competitor of the app can be considered Yemeksepeti. Originally a food delivery app, Yemeksepeti also started delivering groceries. Now, the two apps continue their clash even though Getir seems to be opening the gap with potential international expansions.

Keyword Intelligence for Getir

When we take a quick look at Getir’s Keyword Intelligence, we can see that the app is getting almost 10% of its downloads from Yemeksepeti’s brand keywords. With a visibility score of 91, it is safe to say that the app is easy to come across in the app stores.

Visibility Scores for Getir & Yemeksepeti

Taking a look at their visibility scores, it’s easy to see the amount of competition between these apps. While Yemeksepeti has a visibility score of 92.8, Getir is following very closely with a visibility score of 91,7.

With the correct execution, great ideas have the potential to reach incredible amounts of success. Getir is the perfect example of such a situation. A unique idea created its own market, and now the app is looking to take it to the next level.

Campaign Analysis is an indispensable tool for User Acquisition managers. However, product managers can also take advantage of this tool, especially when researching competitors.Today we won’t be going into detail about the features of this product. If you are interested, you can take a look at our Ad Analysis posts to get a deeper understanding of Campaign Analysis and its uses.

We can use the campaign analysis tab to add our competitors to our Favorite Apps list. This feature comes in handy when you want to track many apps at the same time.

We have created the list “Ad Intelligence” and added our first competitor to it.

The process will be repeated for Bubble Shooter as well. This list will allow us to track competitors related to the app we’re working on.

Our Favorite Apps List Containing 2 of our Competitors

Top Creatives

Now that we have done our preliminary research, it is time to gather data. The Top Creatives tool is our best friend for this part of the process. Let’s start by filtering our data.

Top Creatives Filtering

This tool is very powerful thanks to the millions of creatives it includes. By using the filters you can specify the type of content you want to target. As you can see in the top right corner, the ads will be sorted by impressions. We can also specify the platform, country, and even ad networks.

For our application, we have chosen iOS creatives that are used in the United States regardless of the ad network.

The next two filters greatly enhance our ability to conduct market research. First of all; the app name filter. Here we can either use specific app names such as our competitors’. Or, we can use more generic keywords related to our category. To increase our sample size, I have chosen the word “bubble”. I could have also directly searched for our competitors by using their brand names.

Our Media Filter allows us to choose the formats of the creatives that are to be displayed. Interactive creatives that allow you to play the game will help us get an understanding of the User Interface and features of our competitors.

Some Interactive Creatives Resulting From our Search

Creative Collection

Now we are ready to add some of these creatives to our creative collection. We have named the list “Ad Intelligence”. The next step is gathering interesting creatives and creating a pool. When you think you have enough creatives to work with, you can start analyzing them to extract features.


Before moving on to analyzing the creatives, we should touch on an important feature MobileAction provides. As mentioned before, you have to keep up with the trends in the app store. The sooner you are aware of new creatives and features, the better. That is why the Top Creatives section also allows you to subscribe to your creative collections.

You can specify the frequency of notifications. Depending on your preference, either the top-performing creatives or the newest creatives will be delivered to you via email. We know that product managers have busy schedules, that is why Ad Intelligence is designed to make your job a whole lot easier!

Analyzing Creatives

Some of the Items in our Creative Collection

We located our competitors, researched the category, chose some creatives to give us insights, and now we are ready to implement some new features in our game. The number of inferences you can make from creatives are endless. Let’s go over a few examples to clarify the applications.

Colors are crucial for the appearance and attractiveness of your game. They should capture the users’ attention and satisfy their visual cravings.

 Some Color Palette Examples

It appears that bright colors are frequently used for bubble shooting games. We should also use such colors in our bubble design so we can appeal to the visual part of the brain.

Another element we can focus on is the environment. Are there specific kinds of backgrounds being used in our category? What kind of contexts are the games based on?

Some Background Examples

The games in our category do not use plain backgrounds. We can see that jungles or deserts are used as background images. Perhaps we could also use a more realistic background in our game such as a naturalistic environment.

Different types of camera angles are frequently used in games. Even though Bubble Popping games are primarily 2D, some new camera angles draw our attention.

We can see that two of the apps are experimenting with new angles. One of these apps is our direct competitor, Bubble Pop Origin!. Even though it is not exactly 3D, the games are providing a sense of depth.

Perhaps we can create some bonus levels for our game where there is a 3D angle. These levels can be less challenging and more satisfying with lots of points, providing the user with a sense of gratification.

Other Features

For other kinds of games, user interfaces are usually more varied, allowing for more experimentation. Seeing that bubble shooting games have less complex interfaces, we can look for any additional features that we can add to our game.

One trend seems to be getting popular.

Rather than just using random groups of bubbles, some games are creating popular or seasonal shapes with them to increase interaction. On the right-hand side, we can see the face of Daffy Duck.

Some seasonal imagery is also used. As we are approaching Christmas, our direct competitor Bubble Pop Origin! Created a present with bubbles. Another app used a Christmas tree.

We can also use some shapes in our game. For example, on Halloween, we can use a pumpkin. You can read more about seasonal marketing on our blog.

For Thanksgiving, we can use a turkey. Considering we are experiencing a pandemic, why not create a mask from bubbles! By using seasonal images on our game we can increase our app’s relevance while also giving the impression that the game is continuously being attended to.

Let’s Improve Your Product with Ad Intelligence

To all the product managers out there, we would be more than happy to help develop your product. As you can see, Ad Intelligence allows us to conduct extensive research to discover the popular trends in our category. By implementing such features in your game, you can increase your popularity and revenue. We will also keep you updated with subscription-based solutions for creative tracking.

If you are not a product manager, do your company’s PM a favor by sending them this post.

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