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FF400R06KE3 Infineon

FF400R06KE3 Infineon
#FF400R06KE3 Infineon FF400R06KE3 New Trans IGBT Module N-CH 600V 500A 7-pin 62MM-1 , FF400R06KE3 pictures, FF400R06KE3 price, #FF400R06KE3 supplier


Description Value
Package 762MM-1
Configuration Dual
Pin Count 7
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage 600 V
Maximum Continuous Collector Current 500 A
Maximum Gate Emitter Voltage ±20 V
Mounting Screw
Operating Temperature -40 to 150 °C
Category IGBT Module
Manufacturer Infineon

Trans IGBT Module N-CH 600V 500A 7-pin 62MM-1

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