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EVL32-060 Fuji

EVL32-060 Fuji
#EVL32-060D Fuji EVL32-060D New 120A/550V/GTR/2U, EVL32-060D pictures, EVL32-060D price, #EVL32-060D supplier


EVL32-060 Darlington Independent Power Module Various Isolated Case (Y/N)=Yes Circuits Per Package=2 V(BR)CEO (V)=600 V(BR)CBO (V)=600 I(C) Abs.(A) Collector Current=120 Absolute Max. Power Diss. (W)=500 h(FE) Min. Static Current Gain=70 @I(C) (A) (Test Condition)=120 @VCE (test)=5.0 t(r) Max. (s) Rise time=2.0u t(f) Max. (s) Fall time.=3.0u Package=Module-s

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