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EL320.256-F6 Planar

EL320.256-F6 Planar
#EL320.256-F6 Planar EL320.256-F6 New Planar 4.8 inch EL 320×256 77 Mono(Yellow) , EL320.256-F6 pictures, EL320.256-F6 price, #EL320.256-F6 supplier


Panel Brand : Planar
Panel Model : EL320.256-F6
Panel Type : EL , EL 
Panel Size : 4.8 inch
Resolution : 320×256  
Active Area : 95.9×76.7 mm
Outline : 130×110 mm
Brightness : 77 cd/m² (Typ.) 
Display Colors : Mono(Yellow)   (1-bit)
Viewing Angle : 89/89/89/89 (Typ.) (L/R/U/D) 
Frequency : 60Hz  
Input Voltage : 5/(10.8~30)V (Typ.)(VCC1/VCC2) 

EL320.256-F6 inverter, EL320.256-F6 power supply, EL320.256-F6 Electronic board, EL320.256-F6 VGA board, EL320.256-F6 touchscreen available.

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