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#CM200DY-12E MITSUBISHI CM200DY-12E New Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor 200A I(C) 600V V(BR)CES, CM200DY-12E pictures, CM200DY-12E price, #CM200DY-12E supplier


Manufacturer Part Number: CM200DY12E
Part Life Cycle Code: Active
Ihs Manufacturer: POWEREX INC
Package Description: ,
Manufacturer: Powerex Power Semiconductors
Risk Rank: 5.73
Collector Current-Max (IC): 200 A
Collector-Emitter Voltage-Max: 600 V
Gate-Emitter Voltage-Max: 20 V
Number of Elements: 2
Operating Temperature-Max: 150 °C
Power Dissipation-Max (Abs): 780 W
Subcategory: Insulated Gate BIP Transistors
VCEsat-Max: 3.5 V
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor 200A I(C) 600V V(BR)CES

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